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Ventilate and recover heat from your home
with air cool engineering systems

Modern homes are now built to higher technical standards than buildings constructed a few decades ago. Homes are now more energy efficient and airtight, largely thanks to better insulation. Unfortunately this brings a drawback – our homes need regular changes to the air, to keep them healthy. Baths, showers, cooking and even doing the dishes, produces an astonishing amount of water inside our homes. Let the problem go unchecked and your house will experience mould and mildew, dust mites and increase the risk of asthma.

What’s so special about our Heat Recovery Systems?

• Reduces humidity and condensation
• Air is fresh, clean and comfortable
• Proven to reduce asthma
• Reduces outside noise and pollution
• Reduces dust and allergens
• Improved energy efficiency
• Improves security—keep windows closed
• Replaces separate extractor fans

Our highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay system reduces overall energy costs by extracting stale air from kitchens, bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms – and efficiently recovering heating and cooling energy. Stale air is passed through a heat exchanger to extract at least 80% of its heat energy, which is used to pre-warm incoming air. Fresh and filtered air is supplied continuously to bedrooms and living rooms – ensuring fresh air is available throughout your home at any time of the year.

Click the YouTube link to view Mitsubishi Electric’s latest Heat Recovery and Ventilation video

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