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Discreet heating, cooling and ventilation around your home
with air cool engineering systems

Our ducted air conditioning systems provide air conditioned comfort all year round, all around your home and at the touch of a button. The unobtrusive and extremely quiet compressor unit is installed outside your property. Flexible ductwork distributes conditioned warm and cool air through vents and grilles discreetly located throughout the building – allowing them to blend with your interior decor. Ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones, which can be heated or cooled at different times.

City Multi - VRF Systems

Industry-leading Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi VRF range features unique 2-pipe technology that provides simultaneous heating and cooling. The system is highly efficient and offers flexible installation, energy savings and ultra-quiet operation – all combined with performance reliability and quality. As a Mitsubishi Electric ‘Business Solutions Partner’, air cool engineering systems can offer a 7 year warranty on new system installs.

Is it for my home?

• Usually recommended for large or multiple
area climate control
• Ideal for delivering air-conditioned comfort to
every room of a new or existing home
• Gives you flexible control over the entire property,
for comfort where and when it’s needed and
energy savings when it isn’t
• Indoor units are installed in the ceiling or floor
and are connected to the outdoor unit
• Indoor units pumps conditioned air through
flexible ducts to discreet vents in each room

Click the YouTube link to see the City Multi in action.

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